Three Keys to Trump Presidency

Donald J. Trump has been odds on favorite to become the 47th president a year and a half ago. Nothing has changed if not for the better to bolster that prediction. Three keys to the Trump presidency are not a tall task, in fact they are right on the money. Trump began the 2024 race ahead of everyone. With little moderation in tone, it was going to be a smooth sailing, only to ramp up the heat from time to time. Now, a year before the election, he is polling 60 percent, leaving everyone in the dust.

I published one of my articles in March 2023 in the Daily Mail. Then, I published a follow up in June 2023 in the same London daily, which is the most read platform in the world. In the meantime, I also published another article at the rival GB News of London. There, my focus was peace and security in Europe. I was right on the money. No sooner, Israelis became the “sacrificial lambs” like their Ukrainian “brethren” and the Palestinians in the hands of the 46th President.

Three Keys to Trump Presidency

There are three key points to the Trump presidency in the 2024 election campaign season. One is to beat the competition in the GOP in the primaries. The other is the fact that Trump does not need to be as radical right as he used to be in the 2016 or 2020 contests. Finally, now that Biden helps Trump like no other with his shortcomings and those around him, the chances are good.

Key One

My first Daily Mail article on Donald Trump explains it best. It was published on 11 March 2023. I then made a simple tally when I compared the 2024 campaign with the 2016 campaign. Click here to read the full article. ERBIL GUNASTI: “Whatever critics might prefer to believe; Trump is much further ahead than in 2016”. The first thing to consider is the sheer size of the electoral advantage Trump holds. We’re a year away from polling day, yet his guaranteed support is estimated at 30 million if not more. With the likely total of Republican voters ranging from 75-80 million, this is a substantial head-start.

Figures then, in early 2023, had suggested that Trump commands the support of 43 percent of registered Republicans. De Santis has 31 per cent while Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, the only Republican rival to throw her hat into the ring so far, can muster only four per cent. Nikki is a woman from the southern states. Both are important advantages in the current climate. However, Nikki is still a minnow and will always remain like that. Whatever the critics might prefer to believe, Trump is much, much further ahead than he was when he joined the race for 2016, but also now only eight months before polling.

Key Two

Three months later, on 10 June 2023, Daily Mail published my next article on Donald J. Trump. There, I pointed out, having long cornered and kept the radical right since 2016, Trump now in 2024 could move to the center. Here is my article highlighting this point. ERBIL GUNASTI: Trump will need to play the ‘moderate’ if he wants to return to the White House. These might seem like nervous times for Republicans. The former president faces an unending number of lawsuits and barrage of attacks. On the other hand, not many need to be convincing anymore in the US, having seen all the shenanigans.

Should he be convicted, Trump could spend many years behind bars, perhaps decades. Thinking like that assumes that cases against Trump will actually go to trial. They are big assumptions. Even though in the US, we long crossed the threshold of persecuting a former president, jailing him is a yet another big step. Can this Republic continue with this persecution and survive? Many people who believe in the sanctity of the 2nd amendment to the Constitution are not thrilled to see a former US President treated like that. One in particular made this point in our documentary Trump vs Hollywood and received a brutal reaction.

Key Three

Key Three can be summarized with the predicament of Ukrainians, Israelis, and Palestinians. They became sacrificial lambs for the Biden Administration. Their plight explains the value of Trump well. GB News promptly published my article making the case. A Donald Trump presidency is THE key to lasting peace in Europe, says ERBIL GUNASTI. A Globalist president, on the other hand, had to seek domestic confusion, international chaos and even war. Why? Because the domestic distraction was the only way to obscure the endless socio-economic problems, they themselves have created since 1992.

Three Keys to Trump Presidency

Will these three keys be enough to make the 45th president the 47th president of the US?

Three questions require answers.

  • How does how much being-ahead in the polls eight months before the election help on election day?
    • Some say it is good for early voting. In California, for example, early voting is already underway.
  • When 2024 is expected to become the most toxic election year in history, how does being moderate help Donald Trump?
    • Political wisdom says that he should stick to his guns and go against his opponent in full steam.
  • How does peace in Europe help a presidential candidate in the US?
    • Americans don’t care about not much of anything except their pocketbook come election day. It is a sad fact but true.


What changed from 2016 to 2020 to 2024?

In fact, the US has never been out of the order as much as it has been in 2024. In that regard, what I write in the Daily Mail and in the GB News on behalf of Donald Trump are for the conventional wisdom. Here are the conclusions to put everything into perspective.

  1. The US today is in disarray. Majority of voters understand the mess we are in because they have “common sense”. That is why they wish Trump to lead the country even if they have not voted for him in 2020. Coupled with those that stayed home, this time they will come out and vote for him as the “Silent Majority.”
  2. Nevertheless, Donald J. Trump can play “moderate” in this election compared to 2016 or 2020. Especially what transpired on 6 January 2021 and the miserable three years under Joe Biden must have surely awakened a lot of Americans with “common sense”. That is where a more moderate Trump will meet them.
  3. Finally, Americans with “common sense” cannot remain silent. When Trump was president 10 million Ukrainians had homes. 10 million Israelis did not live in fear. 25 thousand Palestinians were alive. Somebody must be responsible for this catastrophe. There has to be a “common denominator”, “common sense” says for the Silent Majority in America.

Three Keys to Trump Presidency