Join us on under the stars on June 3rd for an evening of Glamour and Giving. Be inspired by the experts, change-makers, and tireless advocates that are champions in their respective fields.

Your presence will help to shine a light on the importance of advocacy, research, and support for individuals and families affected by Autism and Breast Cancer.


Get The Vote Out

Support causes that matter and affect your family and friends, and millions.

Support RFK Jr! He is a Kennedy with all his faculties in place and younger.

We are “Fighting 4 One America Pac”. We are for the “Silent Majority in America”.

Support Trump! He was the “GameChanger” when he was the 45th President of the United States.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for details on the next 2 Gamechanger Events!

Who We Are

Daphne Barak & Erbil Gunasti

Film and Television Producers / Geo-Political Subject Matter Experts

* One of us is a world famous News-Innovator

A global leader across international news cycles, particularly renowned for ground-breaking interviews with top political and cultural icons

* Diplomatically speaking, one of us served eight prime ministers, in a fifteen year span, based at the United Nations in New York

* Politically speaking, one of us ran for Mayor in Palm Springs California while the other managed the campaign

* Both were pre-committed Trump delegates in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections

In the 2024 presidential race, we thought  that Democratic Party needed a candidate for president that has full “faculties” in place.

As a result, we decided to support Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Then, we witnessed how Democratic Party behaved “undemocratic”, again, when RFK Jr. declared his “Independence”.

So, here you are: Who we are!

On that note, now that our team has been growing, as well as the number of our Board Members, stay tuned!

With Your Donations Now, Hope Shall Never Die!

With your donations, we believe, this “Pac” will ensure that “hope shall never die” for the victims and helpless.

We will deliver a hope for those struggling with the scourge of the ASD, Opioid, and Mental Health.

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Making Bobby Kennedy 47

Making Bobby Kennedy 47

4 7   G O O D   R E A S O N S   Making Bobby Kennedy 47th president of the United States of America is doable. If Donald Trump became odds on favorite on 15 June 2015, why wouldn’t Bobby now? I was quickly able to amass 47 good reasons why a Republican would vote...

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