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We are naturalized, first generation, Americans. We used to be New Yorkers and now, Californians. In New York, we were diplomatic and politically active citizens. In California, we became active politicians. One of us is a Democrat at heart while the other is Republican. We began the journey, as registered Republicans because we are financially and privately Conservatives. We have always paid attention to what is right and what is wrong.

About Daphne Barak

News Innovator

Film and Television Producer

Geo-Political Subject Matter Expert



About Erbil Gunasti

Television and Film Producer

Geo-Political Subject Matter Expert



Silent Majority 4 RFK

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Daily Mail: No Biden-Trump Rematch

Daphne Barak

Daphne Barak is a news innovator, film and television producer, geo-political subject matter expert, and author. She made the biggest ratings in the US and cover stories worldwide for two decades. Known for landing the big “get” interviews, Barak has spent the last two decades speaking with heads of state, royals, Hollywood stars, musicians, athletes, artists, and newsmakers when their stories were “breaking news” around the world. In addition, she was also a Trump delegate for the 2016 and 2020 elections. To learn more, visit

Daily Mail: No Biden-Trump Rematch

Erdogan and Trump

Erdogan and Trump website is dedicated to posts by Erbil Writes. Erbil Gunasti writes about the US Foreign Policy Objectives vis a vis Turkiye. He covers regions from Central Asia to Western Europe, but also from Russia to Africa. Issues deal with politics, military, technology, and economy. Focus is on the Defense Industry. To learn more, visit

Daily Mail: No Biden-Trump Rematch


Fighting 4 One America carries pop-culture posts based on Hollywood. 

It is a site mainly about Daphne Barak original content. Lately, they are TV series or television specials, involving Amy Winehouse, Britney Spears, and Ghislaine Maxwell. 

They air on CBS, Paramount Plus, ITV of London and the likes. 

Daily Mail: No Biden-Trump Rematch

Erbil Writes


Erbil Gunasti publishes monthly articles in the Daily Mail of London.

The Sun and GB News of London also publish Erbil Gunasti articles, periodically.




Daily Mail: No Biden-Trump Rematch


Erbil Gunasti writes about 2000 words, daily at substac.

They are informative and opinionated, covering US foreign policy objectives and Turkiye.

Subscription is free.


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