Hellow World! We are looking for the Silent Majority in America.

We believe, in the 2024 Presidential Election Campaign Season, the Silent Majority must come out and vote for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. 

Hello World!

Meet Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the son of the late Robert F. Kennedy. He was assassinated when he was running for president in 1963. 60 years later his son who was there, holding his father, is now running for the same office.

As the world knows, his uncle, Robert F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the US, was also assassinated on the job. So he will be fulfilling the roles they embarked on in current times.

In a snap shot, there are 47 good reasons to vote Bobby Kennedy 47th president of the United States of America. There are lot other reasons, of course. In this campaign season, as a Pac, we would like to focus on ASD, Opioids, Mental Health, and Vaccines. 

In this “silentmajority4rfk.com” website, representing our “Fighting 4 One America Pac” we are appealing to all of you to support a viable candidate like Robert F. Kennedy Jr and issues we all care about with “common sense.”